Cloud services and solutions

We adhere to the most advanced industry technological standards

Centria Cloud provides private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions to businesses and institutions, with a highly secure private hosting infrastructure distributed across data centers throughout the Americas. We meet the most advanced industry technological standards and provide all the necessary infrastructure for each company to benefit from a secure and redundant technological environment.

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We offer a customized service

We integrate the essential components into your existing network to establish a custom cloud service. The implementation of both logical and physical elements is carried out based on your specific budget and requirements. We specialize in monitoring, change management, configuration management, and process orchestration, areas in which we can provide expert guidance.

With our high-security standards, our cloud storage service becomes the perfect solution for data preservation and management. We guarantee meticulous business continuity, allowing companies to avoid the costs associated with operating their data centers.


An initial network assessment is essential to determine the measures needed to achieve the established goals. At Centria Cloud, we consider technology as an essential tool for business growth, on the same level as any other corporate resource.

This requirements analysis, carried out by an expert and multidisciplinary team, is key to optimizing the investment, not only in economic terms, but also in time and effort, both the short and long term.

Centria Cloud service offers numerous benefits:

Cost savings on equipment

We eliminate the need to upgrade or maintain the company's hardware, such as servers and backup systems. This results in an immediate reduction

IT resource efficiency

Adopting a private cloud model significantly reduces the workload of the local IT department.

Optimized infrastructure

It is no longer necessary to maintain physical infrastructure on the company's premises, offering 99.98% service availability.

Mobility and flexibility

Through a VPN, the ability to work from anywhere with internet access is facilitated.

Backup management

Backups are performed and stored according to needs, from 7 to 30 days.

Comprehensive security

In terms of physical security, our infrastructure is located in a high-security data center.

Frequently asked questions

A private Cloud is defined as a customized network of computers or a data center specific to a company, providing exclusive technological services for the internal users of that company. This infrastructure is specifically designed according to business needs, ensuring control over access rights and shared data, as well as allowing the constant integration of technological innovations.

A public Cloud uses a shared services model where an external provider offers resources such as applications and storage, available to the general public through the Internet.

So what is the difference between a private cloud and a public cloud?

In both types of Cloud, only your company and its authorized personnel will have access to your data, either from any device or location. However, in a private Cloud, data is stored on a dedicated server that manages all corporate data for its users, while in a public Cloud, data is stored on multiple servers accessible by a set number of users.

The private cloud offers complete customization of your infrastructure and does not incur data transfer costs. However, it can be less flexible and more expensive to implement.

On the other hand, a public Cloud costs more and requires a highly knowledgeable team, its use is charged according to consumption and may not be completely suitable for specific requirements and company software.

Hybrid Cloud combines aspects of the public and private Cloud. It allows companies to optimize their efficiency by using the public Cloud for certain data and the private Cloud for others.

Both types of Cloud offer high levels of security. It is crucial to implement adequate structural security standards and customize them according to your company’s technological needs.

Centria Cloud provides an initial backup service of 15 days, extendable up to 30 days or more depending on your requirements. We also regularly send encrypted copies of your data to the location you specify.

Your data will always be with you, as Centria Cloud delivers it on a regular basis. You can request a copy at any time. After switching providers, we keep your data for 15 days before deleting it from our servers.

Yes, you can use your existing licenses depending on the chosen solution, although there may be restrictions imposed by the manufacturer.

Yes, some applications may not be adapted for the Cloud. Our knowledge and experience will help you with validation and verification for a safe transition to the Cloud.

Our flexible service offers cost-effective alternatives to manage applications that are not compatible with the Cloud environment.

Absolutely. Our VPN connection is secure and reliable, allowing you to work from anywhere with the assurance that your data is protected.

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with a demonstration of our Cloud services, including a customized presentation so you can evaluate what we can offer your company.

Yes, printers and copiers usually have the necessary drivers to operate remotely. This compatibility is one of the first aspects we review when implementing our Cloud service.

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